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Beginner Stained Glass

This course covers both the leading and copper foiling method. Over the course of six weeks, students are instructed on the techniques of the hobby. Within the completion of 2 projects (one panel and one nightlight or 3-D hanger) students learn the methods of design, layout, glass cutting and shaping, leading, foiling, soldering, and finishing. Cost of class includes instruction with class size limited to a maxi- mum of 6 students. Scrap glass for practice cutting and for projects is provided. Studio grinders and saws will be available to use during class periods as well as the demonstration and use of more advanced tools and equipment. Students must provide basic hand tools. A materials fee is added per student for supplies, and students are required to purchase glass and bevels separately. This is a Beginner Class.

Intermediate Leaded Glass
This course assumes that the student has a general knowledge of basic skills and use of tools. This is not a beginner class. Students will be instructed in the “leading method,” which will include basic design layout (if necessary), pattern making, cutting and manipulation of lead came, soldering and finishing. Curriculum goals to include the completion of 1 project. Patterns will be provided to students. Project may include a simple bevel cluster or a design including floral, scenes, or traditional styles. Students can also choose their own design w/ instructor approval prior to the first day of class. Students must provide all tools and necessary supplies for projects. Students must also provide or purchase a work board no larger than 32 w” x 24 t”. Project must fit on work board.
Glass Painting & Firing
This class introduces students to the techniques of glass painting and firing, and is 5 sessions over 6 weeks. Stained glass is a term that is widely used incorrectly. Actual stained glass is a method of applying glass paints and enamels to glass and firing in a kiln at approximately 1200° F. The firing process fuses the paints to the glass for a permanent design. Course curriculum to include tracery (dark line painting), matting (shading), stippling, and silver staining (yellow tones). Students choose a design that incorporates multiple pieces of glass requiring painted and fired details. Students work towards having a project with all glass cut out that can be constructed at a later time. Examples are on display and are helpful in answering any and all questions. Class fees include pattern for project and firing charges for duration of class. Students will be required to provide glass and hand tools for cutting as well as brushes, paints, mediums, and supplies. Painting kits are available. This is a specialized class involving techniques that are rarely taught. Because of the specialized nature of this class, this course is offered only a few times a year, and availability is 6 students per class. Prior painting experience is helpful, but not necessary.

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Patterns and scrap glass are included.  Tools and other supplies are available for additional charge.


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